Vehicle wifi solution

Yifan vehicle Wi-Fi has become full featured complete leading cloud-based technology solution for public & private transport companies. The Application usage is for Metro , luxury buses, Sight-Seeing Buses, City buses, Airport Passenger Buses, School buses and for Corporate/Company Employee Buses.


Offering High-End Yifan Industrial Grade 4G Routers for Vehicles and makes Innovative Solution for Wi-Fi on Wheels.


Yifan provides Cloud-based commercial WiFi Management Portal for transport companies to manage their vehicles and its Router from the Centralized location. Also, provide Captive Portal, Mobile Authentication, Splash page for user access and various reports and statistics.

The Best part of this solution is Authentication of Passenger is based on SMS & OTP. This is possible when the user registers his/her mobile number for accessing the internet.

Passengers also access the internet by Facebook, Google, twitter authentications.

Vehicle wifi routers are specially designed, 60 wifi users at the same time and work fine under the harsh environment . It is with local storage(32G TF card or 128G SSD),Local Streaming on Wireless LAN Networking is supported by the content of movies, Songs, Music .





We offer two solutions for vehicles wifi:

F3936: 2.4Ghz wifi router

F3938:dual band 2.4&5Ghz wifi router.


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