Seamless cellular network connection: making mobile workers more free

Cellular router networks are updated through client PCs, and organizations can take advantage of advances in hardware and software technologies to enhance collaboration, creativity and competitiveness. The updated client running the latest operating system provides the high performance and security needed to help workers stay productive.

At the same time, client updates provide a great opportunity to adopt technology to increase the productivity of the growing mobile workforce. Employees want their devices, whether they are smartphones, laptops or tablets, to connect to the network from anywhere, which is a reasonable requirement. More than half of the employees in the United States work outside the office and remain productive even on the road because they are still able to connect to important enterprise applications.


However, providing this additional mobile productivity can require significant expense. From frequent travellers to occasional travellers to field workers in harsh environments, mobile employees need to spend a lot of mobile broadband data subscription fees, including international roaming and multiple locations, with different rates and different billing methods. WiFi traffic for hours, days, or months.

To help organizations provide affordable and ubiquitous connectivity, Dell has integrated Qualcomm® GobiTM 4G LTE technology into the latest Dell Latitude notebooks, Dell Precision workstations and Dell Venue Pro tablets. The 2Gobi modem uses the same wireless chipset built into leading smartphones and other wireless devices to enable users to quickly access global 3G and 4G LTE networks via mobile broadband.


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