Industrial 4G router purchase method

4G industrial routers are currently used in many industries. Many buyers are not very professional in purchasing industrial 4g routers. Sometimes they will involve some more professional knowledge, which is not so easy for purchasing. So how to choose and set up industrial 4G router?

First, the quality of industrial 4G routers

1, the brand

Brand is a symbol of quality and workmanship. The Industrial Internet of Things is a relatively young industry. Unlike other industries, which have a history of 100 years, brand communication has reached a household level. The formation of the industrial Internet of Things brand is nothing more than word of mouth. Through the evaluation of friends around you or the evaluation of search engines and evaluation platforms, you can clearly understand how the brand is.

Brands are not necessarily all of a higher price, and there is a love for Lutong Telecom to do cost-effective products.

2, security

Security is the ambassador of 4G industrial routers. The data is stable and orderly in the transmission process, but the data is missing or stolen, then what is the point? When considering the 4G industrial routing selection, we must also consider how the security of this 4G router is done.

(1), APV/VPN

Most 4G industrial routers have APV/VPN security tunnels, and data transmission is more secure through dedicated tunnels. The data transmission of the dedicated industrial router has VPN function, and there are many VPN transmission protocols. Among them, PPTP and L2TP protocols are very commonly used, and other transmission protocols are relatively unpopular, only on items with special requirements. Therefore, there is no need to prepare VPNs with multiple protocols when there are no special requirements.

(2), firewall

The firewall is a security barrier between the LAN and the WAN. Through the basic settings of the firewall, you can block some intranet IP addresses, freely set IP addresses, and filter communication ports. The most important thing is to prevent hacker attacks and virus intrusions. It is an important guarantee for the safe transmission of data. If the 4G industrial router does not have a firewall, you can basically give up the choice.

(3), watchdog protection

The watchdog protection function uses the timer to monitor the main program. When the MCU is working normally, it outputs a signal every other time. This process is called feeding the dog.

Watchdog protection is mainly to provide security protection for projects that need to be operated for a long time to avoid crashes. When a problem occurs in the system, you can quickly resume normal working conditions.

3, stability

Stability is a core factor in the quality of transmission equipment, as critical as the human heart. Stable transmission equipment uses high-precision components such as:

Industrial grade 4G high-speed transmission module: easy to use high temperature and cold outdoor working environment;

32-bit ARM CPU processor: CPU processing speed is increased by 2-3 times, meeting the requirements for stable transmission of large data volumes such as pictures and videos. And under the premise of meeting the performance requirements, the power consumption is lower;

Metal sheet metal material: shields electromagnetic interference and radiation, and improves safety isolation factor. The lightning protection design is especially suitable for industrial projects with harsh environment;

Circuit protection: EMC compatible EMC industrial design protection, ESD (interface) anti-static design, EFT anti-pulse. The PCB is made of high-quality materials, ensuring the stability of the board from the hardware, plus the circuit protection industrial design, the circuit transmission system is stable and reliable;

Perfect protocol stack: perfect TCP/IP protocol stack; excellent network communication performance, greatly reduced drop probability;

Large memory: The role of memory is to receive data packets while mitigating data sent by users. It is necessary to ensure stable transmission and data packets are not lost. The largest memory is the biggest helper;

Wide voltage: the transmission equipment is good, the voltage is not matched, and the monk is holding the comb - it is not useful. The domestic safety voltage is usually that if there is a wide voltage of 36V, almost no items can match;

Industrial rail buckle: The sloshing of the transmission equipment will affect the stability of data transmission, but it is not fixed in the transmission equipment. The 4G industrial router with rail buckles is easy to install, simple and stable.


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