How to place the router

1, the router is placed in the center of the living room

The principle of the WiFi router is to send signals to the surroundings, placed at the window or corners, then the signal is easily blocked, so it is best to put the WiFi router in the center of the living room to ensure that each room can receive WiFi.

The phrase "You block my signal" is real. If the object is too large, it will affect the wireless signal, such as the wardrobe and the wall.

Another type of interception is metal, which has a greater ability to block wireless signals than the former. So don't put debris around the router. The best way is to put it in the middle of the empty living room. There is nothing blocking it.


2, the router should not put the ground

The WiFi router should not be placed on the floor. The WiFi signal will become weaker as the distance increases. It will also be weakened when passing through the solid material. If the floor is blocked, the signal will be weakened!

It is best to place the router on a table or shelf, about one meter above the ground, so that the signal spreads better in space.

3, change the router antenna orientation

The two antennas of the router are placed at right angles to transmit signals in multiple directions, so that the WiFi signal will not be affected whether the mobile phone is played horizontally or the mobile phone is played vertically.


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